a warning to all neurotypicals

The autistic community sort of doesn’t have it’s shit together right now, but the neurotypicals better watch out as soon as we come up with a plan and get used to leaving the house again.

The last time autistic people were in charge, they called us “the clergy.” We made all the lists of rules to keep the wickedness of the neurotypicals in check. Stop lying, cheating, and stealing, even if it comes naturally to you! You’ll be punished!

We had these really sweet places called “monasteries” as our headquarters. You did the same thing every day. Going selectively mute for long periods of time was encouraged. We could think properly because we could carried around stim toys called “rosaries” and wear hooded robes.

Of course we were the preservers of knowledge, truth, and righteousness.

We were often celibate or gender nonconforming, but the Lord called upon something like 1 in 68 of your ranks to replenish our numbers. You can’t stop the epidemic!

No mercy for unrepentant sinners. There were of course excesses. We set aside special days for self-injurious stims called “self-flagellation.”

We’re REALLY good at keeping things the same, once we’re on top of our game. 1000 Year Reich EASY.

We have photographic memories on our team. There will be an accounting, so you better not fuck with us. Turn to us for advice and counsel, as you once did in “confession.”