corey duffel apologizes correctly

In these times of Louis CK and Aziz Ansari and the state of Virginia, people fret about whether social justice warriors are taking it too far?  Is anyone safe?  Should people be fired and shamed for things they did 20 years ago?

What we want is for people to act like Corey Duffel, who illustrates that it’s possible and a moral duty:

For people who aren’t skateboarders, Corey Duffel said some racist homophobic shit in an interview with a skate magazine almost 20 years ago.  He gets shamed for it to this day.

The way he talks about what he did is easily recognizable as something different than the non-apology apologies from PR professionals we’re used to reading.  He sounds like a 4chan troll, all grown up.  Before there was 4chan, there was Big Brother.

He was trying to prove some masculinity thing, and it got better when he realized he’s allowed to cry.

Be more like Corey Duffel.  It’s a reasonable expectation, but society bends over backwards not to be more human.

I wonder if his pain tolerance helps with confronting moral injury.