donald trump is mark wahlberg’s fault

There’s been a tremendous amount of hand-wringing about Donald Trump and the so-called alt-right “normalizing racism.” That is in fact their goal, and they’re succeeding at it marvelously. But why?

Why is it that the alt-right can recruit through humor? Video games and nerd culture –> 4chan –> racist memes for the lulz –> racism, fuck yeah.

But why is it funny? Why is it hard to distinguish Nazism from comedy? The reason is that Nazi bullying has been normalized and promoted as comedy long before Donald Trump.

Exhibit A: Mark Wahlberg. When I was a kid, I had this on cassette tape:


What I remember about the track “Music for the People” from childhood was the lyrics at the end:

I make the music for the white, black, russian,
german, jewish, puerto rican, portuguese, swedish,
irish, italian, indian people…..

I mean, he hired black people to be in his video…This was lost on me:

I make music, for the people to dance to
So pay attention as I start to enhance you!
witness the quickness, as I kick this
I’m on a mission so listen as I dismiss
All this talk that’s going around
of how I stole the sound from the man in brown
but you’re mistaken, ‘cuz I ain’t takin’ of fakin’
feel the power of the music i’m makin’!
I make the music for the people!

I thought Marky Mark was cool when I was a little mulatto kid, long before I ever heard of concepts like “cultural appropriation.” But check out the guy’s Wikipedia entry. There’s a long section just on racist shit the guy did:

In June 1986, Wahlberg and three friends chased after three African-American children while yelling “Kill the nigger, kill the nigger” and throwing rocks at them. The next day, Wahlberg and others followed a group of schoolchildren taking a field trip on a beach, yelled racial epithets at them, threw rocks at them and “summoned other white males who joined” in the harassment. In August 1986, civil action was filed against Wahlberg for violating the civil rights of his victims, and the case was later settled the next month.

In April 1988, Wahlberg approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man named Thanh Lam on the street and, using a large wooden stick, bashed him over the head until he was knocked unconscious while calling him a “Vietnam fucking shit”. That same day, Wahlberg also attacked a second Vietnamese man named Hoa “Johnny” Trinh, punching him in the eye without provocation. According to court documents regarding these crimes, when Wahlberg was arrested later that night and returned to the scene of the first assault, he stated to police officers: “You don’t have to let him identify me, I’ll tell you now that’s the mother-fucker whose head I split open.” Investigators also noted that Wahlberg “made numerous unsolicited racial statements about ‘gooks’ and ‘slant-eyed gooks'”.

For these crimes, Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, pleaded guilty to assault, and was sentenced to two years in Suffolk County Deer Island House of Correction. He ultimately served only 45 days of his sentence, but carries a permanent felony record. Wahlberg believed he had left Trinh permanently blind in one eye. Trinh said in December 2014 that he had already lost that eye during the Vietnam War, and did not know the identity of his assailant prior to being contacted by the media.

In August 1992, then 21-year-old Wahlberg fractured the jaw of a neighbor in an unprovoked attack. Court documents state that in 1992, Wahlberg “without provocation or cause, viciously and repeatedly kicked” a man named Robert D. Crehan in the face and jaw while another man named Derek McCall held Crehan down on the ground.

Clearly, Mark Wahlberg is a Nazi. And he hasn’t reformed.

This is how The Guardian, source of “progressive” people’s opinions, wrote about Wahlberg in September 2016:

His arms are still absurdly muscular – his T-shirt sleeves straining over his biceps, Popeye-style – but Mark Wahlberg’s handshake is gentle. “Hey,” he says, slumped in his chair in a central London hotel, looking an unpromising mix of bored and glum. The glumness is because his wife and four children are flying back to their home in Los Angeles as we speak.

Awwww. I bet Hadley Freeman at the Guardian is totally jealous. Those arms!

So we’re clear on how normalized and mainstream Wahlberg is:

This anecdote, while reinforcing Wahlberg’s image of the kid from the streets done good, also acts as a reminder of just how long he has been in the public eye, being shuttled around the world first by record companies, then film-makers while pining for the basketball courts back home. It hs been 25 years since he crunched his abs as Marky Mark with the unforgettably named Funky Bunch. Since then, he has made the tricky crossover from teenage heartthrob to respected actor and producer, and at first glance, Wahlberg now looks like a typical Hollywood A-lister. His gently feathered hair, which brushes his shoulders, looks like it was cut by a stylist who charges three figures, and his deep tan and muscles suggest a man whose time is his own. But Wahlberg has always been a more surprising prospect than appearances suggest. For a start, the reason he seems so bored is because, he says, right off the bat, “I never really like talking about myself,” which is not something you hear often from a celebrity. He perks up any time he can deflect the conversation to an anecdote about someone else in his life. One of those people, it turns out, is Donald Trump.

The Richard Spencers and Steve Bannons of the world could only dream of such influence and alpha maleness. But Wahlberg totally helped them MAGA:

We are meeting the morning after the first presidential debate and Wahlberg, while eager to watch the highlights, refuses to say who he will be voting for. “But I’ve played golf with Donald Trump,” he says, spotting an escape from this discussion about his political preferences.

Obviously, I bite the bait. How was he, I ask?

“He’s an OK golfer,” he says, and the faint praise is damning. “I’ve gotten to know him a little bit since, at various occasions. I’ve never met Hillary Clinton.”

It turns out that Wahlberg and Trump met almost a decade ago at one of those weird celebrity golf events that always seem to be happening in California or Florida. What did they talk about? “He was very Donald Trump-like, talking about the things that he does, things that he has, business interests, properties, stuff like that. But he wasn’t ever mean or rude. I don’t think he asked me too many personal questions, or about what I do.”

Perhaps Ivanka explained to her dad who Wahlberg is, because Trump has since invited him back to play golf at his own events. “Yeah, it’s a little crazy where we are now,” is all Wahlberg says about the election in which his golf buddy is barely a breath away from the White House.

It’s not just the direct all-but-endorsement. It’s Wahlberg’s actual work.

lolololololol rejected black guy sperm, amirite? It’s funny because being covered in black guy cum is especially degrading and there’s a whole porn genre of that. Of course, Nazis are in no way preoccupied with black men and our dicks. Ivanka Trump notes that she’s never seen a mulatto cock before. True story.

Let’s pay an Asian guy to humiliate himself with stereotypes!

He’s totally moved on from abusing Asians and black people.

He talks about his childhood fondly, with his dad, a truck driver, taking him to see Steve McQueen movies on weekends. The full picture, however, was more complicated, to put it mildly. Wahlberg was suffering from drug addiction by the age of 13 and, while still a teenager, racially abused a group of black schoolchildren and beat a Vietnamese man with a stick. He also assaulted another Vietnamese man, punching him in the face. He pleaded guilty to assault and battery and served 45 days in prison. He sums up that period of his life as one in which “a lot of things happened and I made a lot of mistakes. But you try to live in the moment and look to the future.”

The good thing that came out of it, he says, is that he connected with his Catholicism…

He grins: “I sound like I’m in the recruiting office, don’t I? Here, I’ve got some brochures for you.”

You’d have to work hard to recruit a New York Jew, I say.

“Jesus was a Jew,” he replies with mock solemnity, enjoying switching from talking about himself to teasing banter. “I got a lotta New York Jews with me on this trip. Where’s Mr Weinstein? Bring him in! He’s my bubelah!”

Of course Harvey Weinstein is his bubelah (Weinstein allegations broke a year later). Women who encounter him have similar complaints, I guess:

But if finding religion is a common path trod by ex-cons, the other route Wahlberg took after leaving prison was a little more unusual: he became a hugely successful model. Back in 1992 he posed, in full muscular glory, with Kate Moss for Calvin Klein in one of the most celebrated campaigns of all time. Moss has since said she deeply regretted the shoot. “I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18, when I had to go and work with Marky Mark,” she told Vanity Fair in 2012. “It didn’t feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die.”

Wahlberg was only 21 with no experience of the fashion world at the time. Did he feel similarly exploited?

“Well, for me it was different,” he says. “The frustration that I felt was that when we talked about doing that, I was doing my music and they were like: ‘OK, it will be about what you’re doing,’ but then it became just about [the image].

“But you know, I still signed up for it, it was what it was and I think there were pros and cons. And Kate’s had a good career,” he concludes, which seems a tad dismissive of an 18-year-old’s nervous breakdown, but, as Wahlberg says, he is not really one for introspection or reflection.

Before Donald Trump was elected, one of the major “progressive” newspapers published an article about how an actual violent Nazi is a pretty cool dude, sexy to boot, and supports Donald Trump. When Mark Wahlberg says Nazi shit, it’s funny. Hahaha! Let the white people come together and put themselves at ease with laughter as they psych themselves up for the race war they’re threatening me with. Lots of money behind it. Hollywood.

Hadley Freeman knew better, and that’s the damage done by celebrity culture.

If you think this shit started yesterday, you were born yesterday.