fuck yeah what undercoverautie said


If we’re going to make broad generalisations about autistic people, how about this instead? Autistic people are known for being honest. Brutally honest. They are typically logically minded. They do not play mind games or emotionally manipulate people; they do not see the point or know how. They say what they mean and mean what they say.

We do not set out to ruin careers. We do not enjoy using our precious energy on shouting about problematic pieces of literature. We do not want to spend hours leaving shit reviews for a book on Amazon that we may or may not have read.

But that is what it has come to.

We tried to talk to you. You would not listen. We tried to stand up for ourselves. You shot us down. So we have been reduced to sitting at our computers, clicking on a single star and writing about how your words are eroding our autonomy as our only means left of making ourselves heard, even in the smallest of ways. And still you try to silence us.