getting real about what we’re up against

It’s a bit late, but reality is dawning over at Alternet.

Instead, the ranks of the young men who drove to Charlottesville with clubs, shields, pepper spray and guns included many college-educated people who have left the political mainstream in favor of extremist ideologies over the past few years. A large number have adopted a very clean cut, frat-boyish look designed to appeal to the average white guy in a way that KKK robes or skinhead regalia never could. Interviews show that at least some of these leaders have spent time in the U.S. armed forces.

Many belong to new organizations like Vanguard America, Identity Evropa, the Traditionalist Workers Party and True Cascadia, which have seen their numbers expand dramatically in the past year. Most of these groups view themselves as part of a broader “alt-right” movement that represents the extreme edge of right-wing politics in the U.S.

These organizations exhibited unprecedented organization and tactical savvy. Hundreds of racist activists converged on a park on Friday night, striding through the darkness in groups of five to 20 people. A handful of leaders with headsets and handheld radios gave orders as a pickup truck full of torches pulled up nearby. Within minutes, their numbers had swelled well into the hundreds. They quickly and efficiently formed a lengthy procession and begun marching, torches alight, through the campus of the University of Virginia.

Despite intense interest from the media, police and local anti-racists, the white supremacists kept the location of their intimidating nighttime march secret until the last moment.

The next day, the far-right forces — likely numbering between 1,000 and 1,500 — marched to Emancipation Park. Once again, they arrived in small blocs under military-style command. The racist groups were at least as organized and disciplined as the police, who appeared to have no clear plan for what to do when the violence escalated. The racist groups stood their ground at the park and were not dislodged for many hours…

Given the scale of the protests, the far-right groups suffered few injuries. That was particularly notable given the fact that multiple people near the protests were armed. Throughout the weekend, right-wing and left-wing militias equipped with assault rifles, pistols and body armor patrolled the streets of Charlottesville. (Virginia is an “open carry” state, so gun owners are legally allowed to tote around firearms.)

State police and National Guardsmen watched passively for hours as self-proclaimed Nazis engaged in street battles with counter-protesters. 

At long last, “progressives” are beginning to understand the basic fact of life that’s obvious to the less-privileged:  violence is not optional in life.  How much “principled” nonviolence is really just fear of Nazis beating, humiliating, and killing you?  Because they’re coming, just thinking about it.

For now, bullies are winning with “I’m rubber; you’re glue.  Whatever you say bounces off of me and stick to you.”  Everyone has had bullies say this to them and they can recognize the pattern, right?  Right?!  Fuck.

“I was a libertarian,” said Mosley, as white supremacists chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” in the background. “I looked around and noticed that most Libertarians were white men. I decided that the left was winning with identity politics, so I wanted to play identity politics too. I’m fascinated by leftist tactics, I read Saul Alinsky, Martin Luther King … This is our ’60s movement.”

Look at the crying Nazi, pre-tears.  I’m commenting here on what starts around 19:30:

You can hear the tension in his voice as he’s self-consciously describing everything ass-backwards.  You can see the gears turning…”Fuck it, I’m gonna say this shit!”

First kill is like that.  It gets easier over time.  The next time that interview happens, the person will say everything nonhesitantly, with vigor behind it.  We are not 100% vermin to them yet, but we will be. It’s a process.  The ones with experience killing brown people overseas are surely mentoring the recruits through it like they know how to do.

That was my dad’s job before the social worker thing.