i know u think i’m one of those “get rekt libtard” kind of guys but i’m not

I had myself a productive morning of counter-trolling on Reddit’s Aspeger’s board and got myself banned and muted in the process.  It’s a great story.

To start with, I’d been meaning to write a post about this article on Spectrum News about autism and suicidality.  I was going to contrast the tone with what it actually feels like to be autistic and suicidal, which was described really well in a thread started by my new enemy GotYourGunnars a couple weeks ago:

I can’t stand this feeling anymore. I’m constantly feeling like I’m nothing, like I’m standing in the shadow of all of humanity. Like I’m destined to die and be forgotten. When I walk out into public I’m ashamed of the way I walk and the way I talk. Im ashamed of what I am and I should be so don’t tell me otherwise. You can’t convince me that I’m anything more than exactly what I am, a non-human, an unperson. I feel almost as If i exist outside of society and even time. I’m not a conscious actor in this world, I’m just an watchfull set of eyes. After that’s all I can do, watch the other real humans go to work every day, watch them buy things with their money that they where allowed to earn. I watch them enter and exit relationships as they please. I watch them gain excitement and joy when achieving what they set out for. But that’s all I can do is watch, because I can never be like them… I’m not human enough.

I cant live knowing that I’m only getting 20% of what life has to offer, I can’t live knowing that I’m already destined to be forgotten. How do you cope… Because I can’t logic this one out.

I hadn’t found the time and headspace to write a big suicide post before encountering this GotYourGunnars character again.  More recently, he made a thread to whine about the idea that anything about autism could be a blessing.  In the comments, he continued drowning in self-pity.  He started talking about archetypes and using terms like “PC culture” and “French Marxist”, so the Jordan Peterson influence was clear.  I’m screenshotting because I don’t trust posts not to get removed:

It would be stupid to let Nazi douchebags get away with using Jordan Peterson to seem like their ideas are respectable and apolitical.  They depend on publicly distancing themselves from the racism, even though the racism is their primary motivator.  They don’t want accurate words like “eugenics” to stick.  The tactic is to just calmly describe what they’re doing, as they do it.

Directly attack the pseudoscientific posing.

The person asked me directly why I was being so mean, and my answer was that other autistic people manage to deal with the same problems without joining Team Fascist.  He could’ve chosen otherwise, and that annoys me.  Then he escalated the situation by reporting me to the mods.  I forged on.

All you have to do is keep your cool and calmly point out their dumbassery, and the Little Hitler comes out.

I asked the mods if he’d been banned, too.  I was assured that he was.  Still, I complained that, at the end of the day, banning us both creates a pernicious equivalence between what we’re doing.  It matters that the other guy is a Nazi, consciously using Trojan Horse ideological crap to make Nazism seem safe and family friendly.  In the process, lashing out at people like myself.  Recall that my first instinct was sympathy with this person’s emotional problems.  I’m shaming him, but emphasizing that he has the choice to behave differently.  I even linked him to a Peter Norvig article when he whined about not learning to program fast enough.

This guy came to the autism board to talk about the eugenic inferiority of autistic people like himselfHow misguided.

People suck at dealing with Nazi trolls, because they didn’t get bullied enough as children.   Getting banned for this on the grounds of openly disrespecting the guy is just like getting punished for fighting back in middle school.  The presumption is that the actually-supposedly-banned Red Pill stuff is ok, or at least it should be reported and vanish without ever getting harshly refuted.  I hardly think my contribution to the board was negative here.  The mods disagree.

The person went out of their way to harass me with a swastika over a different communication channel, but any show of open disrespect in return means this nigger’s being a bit too uppity for Reddit Asperger’s.  This person surely doesn’t realize the following ironic facts about me:

First, I have more genetic white power cred than he does.  Not only was my grandfather a bona fide Nazi arms manufacturer and subsequent POW, my Y chromosome comes from the an actual white guy slave rapist.

Second, two great aunts of mine were sterilized by the Nazis for having epilepsy, and subsequently killed themselves.  A third was sent to prisons and concentration camps for 8 years for being a Jehovah’s Witness.  It’s 2018, and being anti-racist on the internet gets me harassed by actual autistic Nazis with swastikas.

This is what happens when I go to a fucking self-help message board.  It’s more important that we politely tolerate Nazis.  Otherwise their feelings could get hurt, which would be sooooo anti-therapeutic amirite?  Won’t somebody think of the Nazis and their free speech rights and also their right to have nobody talk back to them?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a real live Nazi revival and people have died already.  Let’s really meditate on how chickenshit of a position politeness is in the broader social context right now.  Nigger, respect your superiors!

Hiding behind neutrality is taking the Nazis’ side, because it’s helping them achieve their stated political aims.  Don’t be a coward.