intellectual honesty litmus test

I’m sympathetic to this viewpoint.

I’ve never seen a satisfactory explanation of why Rachel Dolezal is supposed to be bad, and why she’s qualitatively different than transgender people.  It seems like a great leap backward into essentialism.

The pronoun thing has always annoyed me, but recently I came to a better understanding of why.  I’m trying to deal with this stuff:

I’m a lot of unpopular things, and don’t quite fit in with any particular community.  Figuring out how to present myself on OkCupid is like an unsolvable koan, and the reason is that my self-understanding doesn’t mean shit compared to what everybody “already knows” about black people, autistic people, vegans, whatever.  Enormous amounts of money are spent to make self-definition impossible for me.  It’s, like, miraculous how trans people have made their self-understandings a political priority, beyond critical questioning.  In terms of blackness, it’s controversial that my life matters at all.  There won’t come a day when black men aren’t dying over white people’s big black cock issues.  Can everybody start caring what autistic people think about autism?

On a basic human level, good for them.  I think trans people are like Muslim women who write very reasonable essays about how liberating it is to be shielded from the male gaze in daily life.  They’re against this creepiness in our culture, quite rightly:

Our movies are made by Kevin Spacey, yeah.

That doesn’t mean Islam isn’t part of the problem.

For the most part, it’s thankless being  a man that actually agrees with radical feminism.  As far as I can tell, it’s actually unicorn rare, and I have a reasonable job and physical fitness level.  I don’t want polyamory and I don’t want a threesome.  I don’t cry if my girlfriend doesn’t shave.  I will go to the art museum with you and talk about feelings.  I work in tech support and I’ve successfully volunteered with children, so my social skills aren’t what is said about autistic people.  It’s not that I’m entitled to date anyone in particular, but I do think it’s noteworthy my OkCupid inbox is empty.  That shouldn’t be the case, based on what feminists say in public, and I live in the Bay Area.

I do think it’s strange that if, instead of taking after Andrea Dworkin’s husband, I simply declared I am a woman, it’d be high fives all around.  Won’t somebody think of the women who are men?  Trans women are somehow not  unattractively mansplaining feminism, by virtue of exercising their male self-definition privileges.  Makes perfect sense.