like left out of the black club

Procter & Gamble are the new corporate pretend-friends of black people.

I’m more interested in the comments than the politics. The first one:

Wow this is deep

Well…it also seems totally mundane and obvious. Both of my parents were things you could get killed for being, so obviously you gotta watch out just like Jesus and the Apostles. It always happens to righteous people.

I can’t even relate to someone that’s moved to realize “the” talk happens even one time. My dad had heart attacks during a period of having a racist arch-nemesis at work trying to get him fired when he had a family to support. The white people will fucking destroy you, what’s new?

Honestly, I know it’ll be looked down upon, but I do wish I was black. Their whole culture is just so much more interesting and fun. I hate being so white. I hate ‘talking white.’ I feel so looked down upon by black people too sometimes. I think it’s dumb how there are so many boundaries for white people that there aren’t for black propel socially. Like black people can be rude about white and black races and not be looked down upon. They’re so much wittier and the way they talk is so much more, for lack of a better word, fashionable. I think black dark skin looks prettier. I’ve only dated black girls. And I feel drawn to hangout with them because I wish I could be more like them honestly. And I know that I should accept my own identity and be proud to be white, but there’s just something about being black that just seems better. I hate being from a privileged family too. I feel looked down upon and unaccepted to some extent. Like left out of the black club. I think I’m drawn to hanging out with them more than white people because I want to be accepted by them as well as wanting to be able to be part of their culture without being frowned upon.


This person has never had any problems, so their only frame of reference is fashion. So, when black people want the most basic things white people take for granted, they face resistance because the white people like degrading minstrel show stuff and are jealous of it.

The truly intolerable thing about racism is how fucking dumb it is, and it’s cool to be dumb because it’s like our culture was designed by evil geniuses to be impenetrable.

Racism every day until I’m dead, and the same for generations before and after me. The dumb is so strong with these people. They win BECAUSE they’re dishonorable and shameless.