markos moulitsas is the same as republicans

Markos Moulitsas doesn’t really see the problem here:

He thinks he gets it, so he wrote a big nonsense apology called Boy did I f’ up on Twitter.

After that asshole Trump pardoned fellow Nazi Joe Arpaio, I was despondent. Nothing Trump has done affected me so deeply, so viscerally, so I did what everyone should never do, and I lashed out on Twitter.

The problem was immediately obvious to everyone except me: The way I wrote it, I was blaming people of color for Trump. And of course, that was bullshit. So I want to make very clear:

I fucked up. I was clumsy. I was a fool.

Trump was elected because of the racist white assholes who voted for him.

Trump continues to exists because of the racist white Republican Party that enables him.

There is a debate to be had about how to increase voter participation in marginalized communities. There’s a reason why Republicans work so hard to disenfranchise those potential voters, putting in institutional roadblocks to the franchise. We at Daily Kos (and I, personally) have long focused on those issues.

There’s also a debate to be had about how Democrats only seem to care about people of color around election time, and then never again. Latinos are still chaffing about the number of deportations during the Obama years. Missouri had a Democratic governor and DA during the Ferguson saga.

But none of that has direct bearing on one key point—the blame for our white supremacist government is on the white people who voted for Trump 2-1 in 2016, and on the institutions that have willfully been created to prevent marginalized communities from voting.


I’m definitely not placated with this, but the Daily Kos readership is expected to be.

For Kos, the most important thing is who to blame for Trump: niggers, I mean white people. He’s probably-deliberately missing the point by assuming the offense is in the statement and not the attitude behind it. He said X, so now not-X is supposed to fix it.

White women are the single most responsible party, the way I see it. That’s not the problem, though.

If he saw the problem, he wouldn’t write that “there’s a debate to be had,” or about Democrats “seeming” not to care about minorities election season. They don’t care about minorities at all.

Let me spell it out: he blamed black people (and Others) for white supremacist stuff, when the candidate he supported justified the 1990s crime bill by calling black kids “super predators” and saying we need to “bring them to heel.”

I didn’t vote for the bitch, because I would have to be some kind of idiot. Trump tweeted that Clinton video during the election, btw.

Note that Kos started off by emphasizing how Arpaio is just the worst and his feelings about it are just terrible. Why? Because Arpaio is busy implementing what the Clintons set up? And this is all my fault because I abstained from “pick your favorite white supremacist?” Well, effectively abstained.

I don’t exist to Kos except as someone whose vote he feels entitled to, in a clearly contemptuous way.

Trump blames everything on minorities, and Kos blames minorities for Trump. The white people have all the bases covered, between them. Niggers ruin everything, especially the rightful rule of The Chosen White Faction.

Kos can’t meet the very low standard of “explain how you’re different than the Republicans.” All he’s really accomplished is feeding them the liberal tears they feast on. Crocodile tears, at that.

What’s revealing is that blaming minorities is where his thoughts go when he’s upset, exactly like the Republicans. Someone like that isn’t trustworthy.