mueller report is the new fitzmas

Matt Taibbi’s take on the No Collusion Debacle is amazing.

I’m on record in January 2017:

Now that Trump’s presidency is starting, we can soon settle bets about whether he’ll unleash a fascist apocalypse. In the meantime, it’s ironic that Hillary Clinton managed to create a neo-Cold War hysteria without getting elected. It’s not like the alternative to Trump was somehow not reckless and bad.

Let’s take a moment and shame Jonathan Chait for writing this:

In his recent appearance at a panel on “fake news” in Moscow, the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald described his bold iconoclastic policy of speaking truth to power, and then proceeded to repeat an absurd lie told by the leader of the American government. In Greenwald’s telling, the notion that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election came about as a desperate way for media elites to explain why their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not prevail.

“The American political system needed an explanation about why something like that could happen, and why they got it so wrong,” began Greenwald. “One of the explanations about why it happened was the favorite tactic of governments, which was to say, it wasn’t anything wrong with our country, it was this other foreign country over there that was to blame. And that’s a major reason why fingers continue to be pointed at the Russian government.”

Greenwald was very clear about his belief that the whole theory of Russian involvement was a postelection exercise in blame-shifting: “Excuses were needed, villains were required, people needed to point fingers at someone other than themselves for this very shocking event, and that’s why there became this obsession with the Russian government.”

This also happens to be President Trump’s theory of the case.

LOL that I’m quoting Real Clear Politics:

But repentance is not in the Clintons’ playbook. In this case, neither was candor. Instead, the campaign’s top officials formulated their lines of attack. First, they cast aspersions on the veracity of the WikiLeaks emails. Second, they insisted this was all a Russian plot to help Donald Trump. It was a calculated one-two punch. By calling into question the authenticity of the emails, Clinton didn’t have to respond to their contents – the sabotaging of Sanders’ campaign. In boxing vernacular, that was the left jab setting up the right cross, which was the Russia angle. The jab was a lie: They knew the emails were accurate. Playing the Russia card was, at best, disingenuous. Thanks to the Washington Post, we now know that the Clinton organization had been plotting a preemptive strike against Trump for months when it hired an anti-Republican opposition research outfit called Fusion GPS to go to Russia and dig up dirt on him.

What emerged from those efforts was the salacious anti-Trump “dossier” produced by ex-British spy Christopher Steele and shopped around to liberal media outlets until BuzzFeed, an online site so hostile to Donald Trump that it refused to accept Republican ads in 2016, took the bait. Virtually everything Clinton and her surrogates have said about Russia and Trump from that day to this has been either a direct falsehood, or a lie of omission. Following up on a tip that Clinton and the DNC were paying Fusion GPS, New York Times reporters were told “vigorously” by Marc Elias, counsel to both the DNC and the Clinton campaign, that there was nothing to it. Yet, according to the Post expose, there was a lot to it—Elias was the one who hired Fusion GPS.

LOL Fitzmas. Remember that?

In case you haven’t heard, Fitzmas is the name for the giddy excitement that arises among fans of CIA-leak prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald — left-wing bloggers, mostly — when they anticipate that it will finally be proven that the Bush administration conspired to leak the identity of former CIA employee Valerie Plame Wilson in order to smear her husband, the former ambassador Joseph Wilson, because he dared to criticize the grounds for the Iraq war.

Fitzmas first came for the Fitzgerald groupies — also referred to as Plameologists — with the indictment of Lewis Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Now Libby’s trial is beginning, and Fitzmas is back. The trial, Plameologists hope, will finally — finally — reveal the ugly truths at the center of the Bush White House.

They’ve been hoping that for a long time.

The first time around, the bloggers’ anticipation of Fitzmas was almost unbearable. “Did you know that we’re just hours (all right, maybe a couple days) away from FITZMAS????” wrote one blogger on the biggest lefty site around, DailyKos. “Doesn’t it feel like the hap-happiest time of the year?? And…and…don’t ‘cha just feel like you’re going to exploooooooooooode?”

Fitzgerald devotees hoped for an entire slate of indictments — Karl Rove, maybe even Dick Cheney himself. But all they got was Libby, and he was charged with perjury — not with leaking anything or smearing anybody.

It was a disappointment. But the Fitzmas fans didn’t give up. Surely there were other indictments coming, they speculated. Surely Karl Rove would be posing for a mug shot before long.

But long months passed, and nothing happened.

More disappointment came last June, when Fitzgerald sent word that Rove wouldn’t be charged.

Still, a faint flicker of hope endured. Maybe Rove had flipped, some theorized, and he was giving Fitzgerald the goods on Cheney at that very moment.

And then, last fall, in one of the most devastating blows of all, the Fitzmas fans learned, from authors Michael Isikoff and David Corn, that the person who originally leaked Plame’s identity was not one of the White House bad guys but rather Richard Armitage, Colin Powell’s close aide at the State Department.