strengthen your secops team by leveraging neurodiversity

I’d add that working from home and having some flexibility in how early I start make a big difference.  I probably couldn’t do my job at its current stress level if I also had to drive 35 minutes in traffic before and after.  Most communication in the office happens in writing.  Most of the time, if I’m on the phone with a customer, there’s a normal person on the phone with me to handle preliminary chit-chat stuff and sort of give a cue for when I’m supposed to start talking.

I do better the less people ask questions about how exactly I’m spending my time and whether I’m working the full 8 hours, etc.  I might get a lot done in a 2-3 hour period of hyperfocus, then flake out and disappear for a 2.5 hour lunch, then solve a different problem in the afternoon.  On a given day, I might get very little done.  If you zoom out, I’m more than pulling my weight compared to other people, but I might also not respond to your IM for more than an hour, so where am I?

I think the autism helps with building up mental models of how websites behave.  HTTP is intuitive to me.

Lack of control over my schedule can be stressful, if I’m having to do a lot of 8 or 9 AM calls.  Is next Tuesday going to be busy?  I have no idea.  Customers will either be writing in with problems or they won’t.  Busy days happen at the worst times.