sympathy for creeps

Being honest that your shadow exists is important, because it gives you insight into other people’s behavior.

CounterPunch seems to hate #MeToo (e.g., see previous post). Most of the rejection has been the dishonest, can-we-please-talk-about-economics-instead variety.

Michael Doliner is in touch with his shadow, so he can say more insightful things about why these things happen. He seems to know the meaning of being a piece of shit, but his bio says he studied with Hannah Arendt, so he doesn’t express these feelings through GamerGate or whatever.

Harvey Weinstein, Louis C K, and James Toback are creeps, but they did not become creeps because of what they did. They were already creeps. Creeps are born not made. At an early age, creeps make a girl’s skin crawl. A girl will recoil violently at a creep’s touch. Creepiness, to a large extent, is a matter of fate. It’s your body, buddy. It’s fat and sloppy and just unappetizing. Your hair just kind of lies there. You sweat, you smell and on top of that you are so tentative, so hesitant, that it’s creepy. Your movements are graceless and weak. And of course it’s also your face. Not really ugly, just blah or maybe a little worse. Just nothing to write home about, except that your leer is the definition of pathetic. With an involuntary recoil at your touch a girl annihilates you, creep! Since involuntary, her flinch expresses the cosmic truth about you. You know without doubt, after that, that you are anathema.

Creeps would simply sink into the ground if girls had their way. The girl’s revulsion probably wounds him to the quick since the poor creep, who already secretly knows he is a creep, must have been in love with her to dare to actually touch her. He had had the wild hope that he was not lower than whale shit. Tough luck, creep.

This is absolutely true. There’s data. That’s exactly what it feels like.
The existence of articles like this one shows that normal people somehow don’t get it:

A model who the California gunman Elliot Rodger named as his “first crush” and vilified in his twisted manifesto as an “evil b—-” is said to be distraught.

According to her relations Monette Moio met Rodger at school when she was just 10 and doesn’t even remember him.

In his manifesto titled “My Twisted World” the deranged young man, who killed six people in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, last week, claimed that Miss Moio had teased him when they were children and “wounded me deeply”.

In the 141-page manifesto she was only named four times early on, much less than other people Rodger hated.

But her father John Moio, a veteran Hollywood stuntman, said she was now living in fear after her name became public.

He told the New York Daily News: “The whole thing is so creepy. It’s scary even though he’s gone. She doesn’t even remember this guy. She’s always been the most delicate kid you’d ever want to meet. For him to call her a bully, this kid was really disillusioned.

“She was 10 years old. It was just an illusion this kid built in his own mind. She hadn’t seen him since seventh grade.”

When that article came out, I was baffled. The whole point is that the people who ruin your life in middle school probably don’t even realize because you’re so far beneath them. Nobody from middle school is going to look me up and apologize.

How could being a piece of shit NOT form the core of your sexual identity? That’s how middle school defined you, and that’s the point of middle school. People have choices. You don’t have to be Elliot Rodger or Harvey Weinstein over it. However, this is something cruel girls do to boys, which is not called for, which they usually don’t address with intellectual honesty when they grow up to be feminists.

Had Harvey Weinstein been, say, Brad Pitt, I doubt if we would be hearing about his bad behavior. Brad Pitt is, obviously, no creep. Brad Pitt is a dreamboat, an entirely different kettle of fish. In Thelma and Louise he is a dreamboat being an asshole, but remains a dreamboat nevertheless. Dreamboats can do just about anything, and in particular get away with abuse far worse than anything the three creeps did.

Brad Pitt, since he is a dreamboat, would never have wanted what Harvey Weinstein wanted. Harvey wanted a massage, the very thing girls must have found most repulsive, for touching creeps is like, well, just plain icky. But girls always want to massage dreamboats and most dreamboats are, frankly, sick of it. Dreamboats are playful, funny, and cunning. Just like Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise, they have plans of their own. They know just what to say while opening zippers. Girls’ spread their legs at one flicker of a dreamboat’s eyelash even if, or because, he is an asshole who will take their money and leave them flat. They are glad for the experience.

This is true. The writing is slut-shame-y or whatever, but it’s true. This is why we have Donald Trump. Abusiveness and male BPD are waaay more attractive than autism, and everybody knows that. It’s a cliche for the Psychology Today website to have articles about how tempting narcissists are, but nobody ever wrote an article like “Hand flapping: why is it so sexy?” Stimming with string? No. Beating with whip? Yes, master.

Harvey Weinstein’s demands were a validation of his creepiness. He knew full well that the women would feel permanently soiled after giving a repulsive massage to a creep who had lured them into a business meeting he attended in his bathrobe or birthday suit. To do this is to wallow in creepiness. “Let creeps be dreamboats,” Harvey Weinstein dreamed, like Milton’s Lucifer. His desire was to repel, to make sex out of repulsiveness which was, after all, what he knew was his essence. It is strange that he did this to actresses that he expected to star in his movies. One must imagine he thought it would not affect their performances at all. But this is not surprising, for creeps are the least sensitive of men when it comes to girl’s feelings. How could they be otherwise, since all they ever saw of girls’ feelings was disgust at their very existence? What they know of what girls think they cannot afford to know.

Sadomasochism comes from this place. Someone’s a piece of shit and there’s a beating, in various permutations.

Doliner ends by insinuating that Weinstein’s wives are whores, which is a bit tasteless, but it’s simply not plausible that Weinstein seemed like he had good character except for those rare moments when he privately creeped on someone.

The point of this post isn’t to excuse anything. It’s just that as long as feminism is about fucking dudes at frat parties without getting touched by lesser creeps, it’ll never make sex any better. Creeps are the people who can relate the most to women emotionally, if they admitted it, seeing as they’re emasculated. Feminism is a failure because women have low self-esteem. We get it, but it’s not sexy to say so, preventing most solidarity.

Michael Doliner is old if he knew Arendt personally and his cultural references are early 1990s movies. I’m black and autistic, so of course I’ll never be hot to more than a handful of people. Red pill, pick-up artist crap isn’t going to fix my loneliness or really be all that dignified. Still, it should be really damning that James Damore has a self-described feminist girlfriend before I do, being on OkCupid in the same geographic area.

Even for losers at the patriarchy, it’s more rational to put faith in some stupid act-like-a-dick method from the internet than it is to put faith in people with visceral disgust for you.

Feminists even hate “male feminists”, but why? Because those men are insincere, using it as a way to get laid. A lot of that is feminism’s fault for making itself indistinguishable from Hugh Hefner. How is a man going to use Andrea Dworkin to pressure his girlfriend into polyamorous kink? He’s not, but it happens all the time with Tumblr feminism. Feminism made it harder to identify its own allies, by turning into its opposite.

I just want to be a person. Why is it so hard to find people who support that?