the left cannot have its whores and its politics, too
I like Andrea Dworkin. As a man, I read both Intercourse and Pornography, and I didn’t feel threatened. They were immediate favorites. Apparently that’s not normal? It was like…it’s so great that somebody wrote these things down. I think people don’t like Andrea Dworkin because she said the truth, and the truth is sordid, and we’re all guilty of participating in it, and it’s icky. She’s describing the general background sadism of life.

Maybe another reason she’s unpopular is that most white people pretend not to be racist, while masturbating to incredibly racist porn.

I’m the product of a black man and a white woman (from Germany). It was taboo for my parents to marry, and the marriage was opposed by my maternal grandmother and by white people on the Army base. Unless I exclusively date other mulattos, I’m more than likely going to be in interracial relationships. Most other half-breeds won’t share the German background. The issue is unavoidable for me.

What are people masturbating to, when they think about interracial relationships? Consider the category lists on PornHub and RedTube, two porn sites used by normal people. Each category is represented by a thumbnail image that represents the symbolic meaning of that category.

On PornHub, we see a scowling nigger in the jungle fucking a blonde from behind (like a beast) and squeezing her tits:


On RedTube, a pair of ruffians are doubly penetrating a woman in a slave collar and pulling her hair, although they’ve mercifully removed the gag from her mouth. This is the significance of #BlackLivesMatter in the white mind.



I go for walks on my lunch break at work, and there’s a place under a freeway bridge that’s actually tagged with “Watch Porn.” Take it to the Hub!

Believe it or not, black people aren’t all proud of Coolio!

When you think about it, all across the land, black boys come of age and want to see naked women on the internet. They go to PornHub and discover that they’re niggers, then they push the thought away and masturbate to something. That is a sad thing.

It’s probably safe to assume that everyone has seen this imagery, because porn isn’t obscure. Yet people will insist that society isn’t racist on some deep reptile level, even when they have “no blacks” in their Tinder profile.

Porn, in general, is not an uplifting part of life. People act like Dworkin’s emotional tone was unwarranted. Perhaps they’ve never been choked, beaten, spit on, called names, and otherwise humiliated in a non-pretend way they didn’t consent to. Perhaps they get off on doing it to people, whether it’s happened to them or not.