the libtard dems are cutting their own throats by being supporters of islam

This image starts off a disturbing and predictable fascist article found on The Economic Collapse Blog. When they come for us, it’ll come down on us like it’s been rehearsed. Because it will have been, with military precision.

I’ve been a doomer for almost 10 years now, so that means I was “wrong,” except that Salon is now publishing scenarios of food supply failures like it’s 2008. I may have confused how quickly I saw the implication of collapse with how quickly it was going to happen, but things are continuing to unfold largely as predicted. Back then I was like, “OMG I’m going to see the end of coral reefs!” The Great Barrier Reef’s death throes are a current event.

The economy is one dimension of collapse, and that’s where the peak oil and climate doomers would interact with paranoid right-wing elements. I could observe that places like Zero Hedge or, indeed, The Economic Collapse Blog were paying attention to issues other people “on my team” were ignoring. Of course the right wing is paying better attention to the money. I dug this Alex Jones movie:

If I remember right, it did a good job of sticking to things with actual video or documentary evidence. It’s true that there’s a weird ceremony at Bohemian Grove. It’s true that George Bush, Sr. talked about a “New World Order,” and Brzezinski was an evil genius who just laid it all out for everyone to read. The Bilderberg meeting just concluded this year, IRL. Washington Journal on C-SPAN was amazing when I used to have TV:

Members of the right are more likely to have military experience, so they’re more likely to understand the simple reality that “psy-ops” is an actual formal job description for something that exists, in the sense that Congress passes a budget for it and stuff. Nowadays it’s obvious there’s “information warfare,” but it was socially unacceptable to realize it 10 years ago.

The ability to make these realizations, that is, to show evidence of a “security mindset,” the ability to think like Brzezinski, is a danger to Brzezinski’s agenda. From the Deep State’s perspective, the emergence of this critical mindset is a problem to be managed. Evil reptile lizards don’t afraid of anything.

What would be the appropriate propaganda for someone who’s starting to get the right idea, but they’re not quite there yet? You especially have to appeal to the actual dangerous ones who’d be able to mount a competent defense. You’d do what The Economic Collapse blog does: “If We Don’t Fight For It, The Liberal World Order Is Going To Kill Our Way Of Life.”

There comes a time when it becomes necessary to draw a line in the sand. When the early settlers came to America, they were desperate to find a place where they could live in freedom. And our Founding Fathers worked very hard to draft a Constitution that would guarantee that future generations of Americans would live in a nation where the freedom and liberty of the people were maximized. Unfortunately, the way of life that our founders sought to establish is slowly being killed off by the progressive agenda of “the Liberal World Order”. Just about every single element of their progressive agenda is diametrically opposed to the values and the principles that this country was founded upon. And if they ultimately get everything that they want, our way of life will be eradicated for good.

The term “Liberal World Order” is a phrase that is starting to be used quite frequently by the establishment. It was used by the Washington Post to describe Barack Obama’s final speech to the United Nations, and Vice-President Joe Biden used it during his speech at the World Economic Forum in January.

But of course it is a term that doesn’t just apply to Democrats. Many establishment Republicans also believe in the progressive agenda of the Liberal World Order, and that is why before Trump was elected nothing ever seemed to change very much in Washington no matter who was in power.

Sadly, the same thing is true all over the western world. The Liberal World Order dominates most of the major political parties in just about every industrialized nation, and they are very much accustomed to getting their way. That is one of the reasons why they hate Donald Trump with such a passion, because he is someone that they cannot fully control.

At this point, the Liberal World Order has almost complete control of our culture. In addition to dominating the political system, they also have a stranglehold on the media, on the entertainment world, on most large corporations, on our system of public education, and even on many of our largest religious institutions.

Well played, Michael Snyder.

Here’s a specific example of how the cult of ignorance does great things for fascism. He’s (correctly) betting that the intended audience won’t know that “neoliberalism” is right-wing. The words “liberal,” “libertarian,” etc. get thrown around with different meanings in different contexts. “Libertarian socialism” and Ron Paul are not the same thing. It’s also important to understand that this rhetoric is supposed to go with a bullying, dominating way of talking.

This feminizes anyone who tries to interrupt with a proper understanding of neoliberalism. They’re talking about something remote from the life of ordinary people, saying confusing things about liberal is conservative and up is down. Prior work has been done to make sure that “scholarly dominance” is trumped by the ability to convincingly wear a sexy firefighter uniform.

Reality is consistently flipped upside-down. First, the “liberal world order” is invented. In politics, the most important dynamic for preserving the status quo is keeping “progressives” voting for Democrats. Snyder just lies and says the Democrats are setting the agenda and turncoat Republicans are going along with it.

It’s more important for the reader to understand that people they instinctively dislike, dislike Trump. The actual, nonpartisan reasons Trump sucks aren’t discussed. It’s also true that Trump’s behavior is defiantly unrestrained.

The last paragraph, about liberal control, is accurate if you substitute “neoliberalism” for “Liberal World Order.” Snyder’s article itself is an emanation of neoliberalism.

It’s now especially difficult to un-confuse the naive reader who’s made it this far. It’s true that there’s a neoliberal conspiracy to rule everything, but Snyder plants the first flag in the reader’s mental image of the enemy.

You can see that there’s actually a lot of attention to detail in designing a document like this, or designing the ideological framework that makes people spontaneously write like this. It’s comprehensively inverting reality. This gives the bullshit the advantage of internal coherence. Just “flip the sign” on reality. That’s flexible. There’s no brittle structure to maintain and keep straight.

The implication is that agreeing with this document will feel as logical as actually perceiving reality.

It appeals to everyone’s vanity simultaneously. The fascists feel like their dicks are hard and powerful, thrusting with the greatest of force, asses tight. The liberals have an entire entertainment industry devoted to sitting around and laughing while fascists literally plan to murder them.


In the end, their goal is not to just win elections. I recently wrote that liberals hate “anyone that disagrees with them”, and even though they claim to be “tolerant” the truth is that they are some of the most intolerant people on the face of the planet. When Kathy Griffin held up a bloody mock ‘decapitated’ head of Donald Trump, it really was a picture of what they want to do to our entire way of life. They literally want to eradicate our worldview, and laws are slowly being put in place all over the western world that are moving us in that direction.

It’s intentionally ridiculous to quiver in fear of an army led by Kathy Griffin. It encourages feelings of superiority in the liberals, without diminishing the sincerity of true-believers. Sticking to the line of bullshit even signals group membership.

For the true believers in the Liberal World Order, government is a weapon to be used to achieve societal dominance. That is why so many of them are drawn to law school. I have often referred to law school as “seminary for liberals”, because that is essentially what it is.

Our legal system is absolutely infested with radical leftists from the top to the bottom, and that makes it a perfect tool for the left to advance their agenda. Whether it is abortion, gay marriage or any other issue, the left often finds that the easiest way to achieve their goals is by going through the court system.

True believers in the Liberal World Order also tend to believe that government is the answer to just about every problem. So central governments all over the western world have just gotten bigger and bigger and bigger.

But every time government gets bigger, we lose more freedom and liberty.

The true motivation is disavowed and projected onto the enemy.

This is super slick because it begins the process of emasculating the court system, another important mission. Bullying the courts into submission when they interfered was key to the Nazi persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

If you will think about this you will see that I am right. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of statutes, rules and regulations on the federal level. If you throw in all of the statutes, rules and regulations on the state and local levels as well, that brings the total into the millions.

Every law restricts freedom and liberty in some way. Of course in some cases this is a very good thing. For example, we don’t want the freedom to go around randomly murdering one another. But we certainly do not need millions of laws.

We are supposed to be “the land of the free”, but most Americans seem to have forgotten what that really means. If people want the government to tell them what to do every moment of every day, they can move to Europe. Our founders guaranteed us a nation where liberty and freedom would be maximized, and the Liberal World Order has stolen this from us.

They actually want the freedom to go around randomly murdering one another.

The “big government” rhetoric works by conflating number of laws with intrusiveness of government. Manufacturing processes might require complex regulations, but those regulations are only intrusive for people who want their factories to be fucked up if it makes them richer. “Big government,” the biggest and most powerful part of government, is the one part of government that “limited government” fascists are enthusiastic about. Keep it simple. The military says what’s what. Do what you’re told.

People wouldn’t have a problem paying taxes if they felt they were getting their money’s worth. After complaining about income taxes, this is held up as an outrage:

The Democrats plan, reintroduced in February by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D, N.Y.) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D, Colo.), is The FAMILY Act, which would create a national fund to provide workers with two thirds of their income for up to 12 weeks, no matter where they live or work. The Democrats’ proposal would be funded by employee and employer payroll contributions, averaging less than $1.50 per week for a typical worker.

Even fascists are smart enough not to trust Democrats. The fact that Democrast are also neoliberal means that all their dumb, corrupt, ineffective things will form people’s mental image of “socialism.”

This is knock-it-out-of-the-park inspirational:

One of the primary reasons why my wife and I originally moved up to north Idaho was because we wanted to find a place where we could live free without someone constantly telling us what to do. But we have come to realize that eventually the Liberal World Order is just going to take over everything if we don’t fight back. If the America that so many in previous generations fought and died to defend is going to survive, we must take action now.

So I am calling on every man, woman and child that can hear me to engage in a new American revolution. This isn’t a revolution with guns and bullets, but rather a non-violent cultural revolution that will be fought with votes, pens and keyboards [this is understood to be a formality].

We need to clearly communicate a vision for the future of America that is based upon the values and the principles that this nation was founded upon. Those values and principles once made us the greatest nation on the entire planet, and they can do it again.

We also need to wrestle as much political power away from the Liberal World Order as we possibly can. That means contesting Democrats and establishment Republicans on the federal, state and local levels. Even capturing a seat on your local school board can make a tremendous difference, and so I am encouraging as many people as possible to become politically active.

If we do not take a stand now, eventually there won’t be anywhere left for freedom-loving Americans and their families to go.

Just like with the original American revolution, there are no guarantees that we will win. At the time, very few could have imagined that the great British empire could have been defeated by a ragtag group of rebels, but it happened. And the Liberal World Order is most definitely a formidable foe, and it will not be taken down easily.

All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.

So let us be strong and courageous, and let us rise up and fight for the future of our nation.

The underdog will prevail!

Remember that this is just propaganda for a single segment of the population. They need to dominate the school boards, the city councils, and the federal government. Full-spectrum domination. Each layer of the attack will get flattered with its own pep talk. This is greatly facilitated by social media, which has everything about people’s insecurities and encourages those insecurities. The whole system is perfectly self-reinforcing. Insecurities can be put to all kinds of productive uses.

The first comment illustrates the behavior that this surface-respectable document is encouraging:

It’s not the Liberal world order. It’s the globalist new world order. Millions of proud Americans voted for President Trump because we are sick of establishment RINOs ruining the Republican party. I was talking to a fellow deplorable the other day that it was almost a twisted blessing that John McCain lost. Nobody would have voted republican for the next 20 years. Romney? Forget about it. President Trump is the right man in the right place in history. The libtard dems are cutting their own throats by being supporters of Islam. Day after day I see new terrorist attacks and day after day I see their apologists come out and make excuses. That idiot Susan Rice has the nerve to say that a travel ban won’t work because it will make Muslims feel like their not included. Who cares? They should feel that way. Throwbacks to a barbaric age have no place in western society. Their appeasement will lead to their downfall. Don’t these tards realize they will KILL you for being gay? Being a woman in a bathing suit? Just walking down the street unaccompanied by a man gives them the go ahead to rape them. And this fake Russia collusion scandal? This is a distraction from the REAL crimes. Seth Rich was murdered for leaking to Assange. That’s the truth. Hillarat is a corrupt lying btich. That’s why she lost the election. Not Russia. And if I was her I’d keep her big lying mouth shut. They are banking so hard on impeachment. Its not gonna happen. And if it did God help all these flag burning Trump hating Antifa POS. They will be pssing this pants when they have to engage millions of POd Deplorables. We are fighting and our support has not waviered.

The next strategic objective is to crush anyone who sees what’s going on and tries to stop it, before they gain influence. The targets of their racial hatred are already scared and not mounting serious resistance. This is why they can wait. Going after the radical left eliminates the resistance who think the most like them. Further, they’ve already blamed all the problems on “liberals” and conflated “liberal” with “left.” When they start beating, jailing, and killing leftists, the leftists are tactically isolated by all the work that was done ahead of time. The right blames everything on them. Meanwhile, the progressives shun them for insufficient pacifism. Nobody will cry for the anarchists. Even many liberals will be quietly comforted to see the Black Bloc go. All of this buys time and gets people accustomed to what’s going on. It’s good to refine tactics on the anarchists because they’re small in number but do fight back. It’s like a warm-up drill for when shit gets real. People need to get some experience busting heads, stop with the newbie mistakes on operations, etc. It will make the forces more aggressive when they DO start going after totally helpless people, because their first experience involved opponents intent on hurting them. Cops already feel besieged even though their job is pretty safe compared to the work done by illegal immigrants.

I checked Daily Kos to see what normal people are saying while the fascists are sharpening their knives. There was one post, of course by a black person, talking about the white people goin’ crazy up in here.

Top comment:

We will win eventually but we’re going to have to be prepared for a lot of “acting out” on the part of the extreme right before t hey crawl back into their holes.

I’m confident we’ll win but it won’t happen until we win power, which means people will have to go vote and vote out the gop.

This persons shows a good understanding of the mechanics of elections. Seriously, that had the most upvotes. See how much farther ahead the right is thinking? As I already explained, cracking down on the leftists is dismissed as “acting out” and the poster won’t trouble his pretty little head about it, resting at ease that he’ll prevail by power of wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking dressed up with science words:

The Russian stochastic interference on social media is what tipped the balance. He wouldn’t have won without those actions.

About the only positive I can come up with is that they’ve come to power before they were ready, they’ve been unmasked in time that we can see all the connections & machinations before they’ve gotten totally entrenched. And we will beat them back because of that premature petard explosion. 😉

Winks and smiley faces are surely an appropriate response to war veterans plotting your doom. “Stochastic interference” means “they tried.” It’s wishful thinking that they’re incompetent and “unready.” This commenter believes in the rule of law with all their heart, so they don’t understand that fascists are ignorant of the law because the law is what the leader says. The leader says go hurt people, and that’s already started.

This person convinces themselves that violent fascists don’t really like Trump:

Trump makes EVERYBODY feel like they are tormented by fleas and mosquitoes, the discomfort boils over and some of them take it out on others. I’m wondering if there is a spike in familial abuse as well as racist incidents.

They can’t imagine anyone different from themselves, or that the things they’re “wondering” about are already happening. In fact, they were described in the article the person is commenting on.

The negativity and bitterness fascism brings to family life preserve the right mood in society:

Yes to your last statement in my case. I have a very young adult son who has completely changed during the campaign and election. He was raised in a liberal home. He had a loving heart and all kinds of friends growing up. Very accepting of others. He is so close to being a white supremacist right now that my heart literally hurts. I can barely stand to be around him and he causes arguments in our home with his blatant racist rants and such. I saw a change in him when he took on a new job with older, white men of the same ilk about a year ago. And then his girlfriend’s family believes similarly. It has caused quiet a rift in our little family and the tension is unbearable when he is around. He’s knows who I am, what I believe in, what I’ve always worked for, yet is verbally abusive to me any chance I give him. Thus the reason we barely talk to one another these days. On the other side, I have a sister who I have loved dearly my entire life who is a Trump supporter. She’s lost her right mind and I haven’t spoken to her in over a year. She also is verbally abusive in her digs and jokes and jabs.

The problem with black neighborhoods is not that police are a hostile occupying force, but that black people in those neighborhoods are bad and don’t like police the way good people do:

Studies have also shown lessened risk of heart attack and stroke for racial minorities who move out of segregated poor neighborhoods and into more racially diverse neighborhoods. Apparently people can reduce stress and increase their life expectancy by moving to a neighborhood where the police are not seen as a hostile occupying force.

This comment was astonishing to me:

I don’t think Tweetler is creating racists out of “normal” people, but he sure is whipping the ones already lurking out there into a frenzy.

Racism arises like measles epidemics. Eventually both (racist movements and epidemics) will burn themselves out.

Certainly this poster knows at least something about Hitler and how far a racist movement can go before “burning out.” They want to show off that they’re wise, taking the long view. That’s sufficient reason for opposing the people warning about violent fascist incidents.

Someone laments that MSNBC isn’t spoonfeeding them directions:

It is so important right at this moment in our existence to fight against the urge to become negative and hateful ourselves, although there’s plenty of things to make us feel that way. But hate & negative actions have a contagious effect (ever work around a really negative person, and when that person’s on leave the air in the office/workplace seem lighter and less oppressive?). I wish that the shows on MSNBC would start promoting more activist ideas while reporting on the mess Trump has made of our government/country/world instead of reiterating over and over the same things that we all are aware of. I get that they have to inform, but it would be nice to have some sort of clearing-place for what we could DO, positively, about it to change it. We need to try to convince the people who have been duped that we are not the enemy (because we aren’t, and they aren’t; the “enemy” is the corrupt actors in the background who manipulate & lie to people in order to gain ever more power & profit).

Sorry…got carried away. I’m just tired of hearing about how screwed up it is right now but not seeing any sort of information on positive action.

The whole point is that MSNBC is the last place you’d find those kinds of directions, but there’s not enough imagination to try looking elsewhere.

Our enemies are not our enemies, they say.  The people planning to kill us must not have any agency.  They couldn’t have been mean and nasty people all along…

The nonchalance in the Daily Kos posts is what abandoning me for dead looks like.  This is real.