the piraha are some of the world’s most interesting people, and we owe them at least one truck

As soon as I found out about Daniel Everett and an Amazonian tribe called the Pirahã, I knew that I had to read his book (Don’t sleep, there are snakes). These videos illustrate why.

Their language alone is fascinating:

So are other aspects of their culture:

Here are some excerpts from Everett’s book:

For their part, the Pirahã released a statement to the internet. They’re better off now that Everett is gone, and they’re mad that corrupt people stole a truck intended for them. Missionaries and researchers haven’t done anything for them, including teaching them how to operate a motorboat. Ironically, while the encounter caused Everett to become an atheist, his legacy is that the Pirahã have incorporated parts of Christianity into their belief system.

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