the punishment for autistic do-gooding is head trauma

The full explanation of events is here.

An atypical “vacation”

Lovelace is a university educated Portland engineer with experience in mechanical engineering, software engineering and business information systems. Lovelace was on vacation in Detroit, a childhood holiday spot with pleasant associations.

While camping nearby, however, they did not engage in typical “tourist” activities – activities that would be familiar to Detroit locals. Instead, they used their expertise in gardening and carpentry to water and tend plants along the main street and take on small projects. They attended a city potluck and interacted with most of the small businesses.

This bothered people. Despite positive interactions, Lovelace noticed that law enforcement and city staff was aware of them for several days – and that law enforcement was annoyed with them. “I was told numerous times by officers, ‘you are not allowed on the street,’” Lovelace recalls.

But Lovelace didn’t understand how to respond.

A hijacked narrative

One of the frustrations of the arrest for Lovelace is the way they say the arrest was “co-opted” by Marion County Sheriffs. Initial reports of them as “homeless” a “transient” and implications they were mentally ill – were parroted by every media account of the arrest. It was, Lovelace says, “classic textbook narrative manipulation.”

The simple fact is that Lovelace had encountered a cougar that morning near Boulder Ridge. Using their personal drone, they actually followed the animal until it bedded down.

“I just wanted rescue staff to know a cougar was close to town,” Lovelace says. But even as they tried to convey this, they somewhat realized they couldn’t communicate the information successfully.

And those same communication issues meant that their account of a drone following a cougar seemed to people like Lovelace was “yelling” about “special ops.”


Marion County Sheriff outreach

Sheriff Jason Myers released the first statement about the deputy’s actions on June 29. It said that independent reviews by both the Oregon State Police and the Marion County District Attorney’s office had been completed, and no criminal charges would be filed on the deputies involved.

Can we talk about how fucking stupid “special ops” is in this context?  Are they retarded?

I really doubt the problem was that they couldn’t communicate.  It was that haters can’t listen because they’re determined not to.  Neurotypical bloodthirst.