when you can’t tell if you’re a zoo exhibit

Sometimes I just want to relax and listen to house music:

Can’t go wrong with David Attenborough set to deep house.  Except that, around 1:15, it starts showing a bunch of black people.  Like, 10 seconds after showing chimpanzees.  Some of them are dancing, because everybody knows black people love dancing, the way cows moo and wolves howl.  Actually, this is trippy:

A few minutes after the dancing black people, the Peer Kusiv video starts showing people doing motocross and snowboard stuff in nature-y places.  Until that happened, I had to wonder whether this was a celebration of nature’s diversity, or whether racism had just ruined a relaxing moment for me.  It’ll be ambiguous forever.  I’ll still play it in another tab for background music.  I’m not the only person to have this thought, because a YouTube comment mentions it.

“Here’s some great music.  By the way, you’re somewhere in between a savage and a chimpanzee.”  I have to think about racism even when I didn’t sit down to think about racism.